Custom Oil Paintings

Order a high-quality, made-to-order work of art, expertly painted with vivid oils on authentic canvas.

We can transform your photograph into a personalized painting, reproducing every detail with precision when transferring it to an oil-on-canvas painting. This service is perfect for portraits, landscapes, personal photographs, and famous works of art that are not currently available in the Store.

Examples of our Personalized Oil Paintings:
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Original and oil reproduction with Angels. Reproduction of art produced by Waterhouse.

Hand-painted replica of Vermeer.

Personalized painting of Bourguereau.

Reproduction of work painted by Caillebotte.

From a Photograph to Oil on Canvas

Our personalized photo-canvases are not prints. They are 100% hand-painted, oil on canvas. These works of art are produced by expert painters on our Team who are experienced in reproduction. We typically leave an approximately 7 cm white canvas margin on our work so that the paintings are ready to be stretched and framed, if you wish.

Estimated Cost

The price of a custom painting varies depending on the complexity and size of the painting, as well as the level of detail and number of faces in your photo. Due to this variation, we provide cost estimates on an individual basis. In order to get a better idea of our prices, we recommend that you browse the paintings available in our Store.

Please conact us, or write us an email at to obtain an estimate.
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