Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

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- Who is on the Gpaintings team?
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- Are the paintings framed?
No, our philosophy is to be simple and concentrate on what we do best: famous painting reproductions. We are convinced that we produce the best replicas on canvas in the United States.

That’s why we only frame the paintings that need an interior wooden frame: Original artwork and brochures. All relative information about each of the paintings is situated next to it on the web site.

- When will I receive my order?
All our oil painting reproductions are made 100% by hand. That's why it takes approximately 4 weeks for them to be completed and sent.

- What payment options does offer?
You can pay by credit or debit card: Visa, Master Card or American Express. All our payments are secure and managed by the PayPal system.

- Are the oil paintings of G paintings made by a machine?
No. Our oil paintings are 100% hand-painted. We don’t use any technological system. The artwork is painted by our team of artists, with brush and oils on canvas.

- Can I ask for a painting that is not in the Catalog?
Yes. Send us an email with the image and the measurements you would like. We can paint practically any photograph. We will send you an estimate of the price. The final price will depend on the difficulty of the work.

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